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Journal Articles

2010 - present (*通訊作者corresponding author) 

Lai*, J.-Y., Wang, J., Ulhas, K. R., Chang, C.-H. (Published online 2021 Mar.) Aligning strategy with knowledge management system for improving innovation and business performance. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management. (SSCI)

Wang*, J., Lai, J.-Y. (Aug. 2020) Exploring Innovation Diffusion of Two-Sided Mobile Payment Platforms: A System Dynamics Approach. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 157, 120088. (SSCI) 國科會推薦國際期刊-科技管理領域 (戚樹誠,民99)

Lai*, J.-Y., Wang, J. (Jun. 2018). Exploring the impacts of perceived e-collaboration service convenience on new product development in Taiwanese IC design companies. Information Technology and Management. 19(2), 107-120. (SSCI) 國科會推薦國際期刊-資訊管理領域 (梁定澎、王存國、邱志聖、黃宇翔、許鉅秉,民102)

Wang*, J., Lai, J.-Y., Chang, C.-H. (Oct. 2016). Modeling and analysis for mobile application services: The perspective of mobile network operators. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 110(10) 146-163(SSCI) 國科會推薦國際期刊-科技管理領域 (戚樹誠,民99)

Ulhas, K. R., Lai*, J.-Y., Wang, J. (May 2016). Impacts of collaborative IS on software development project success in Indian software firms: a service perspective, Information Systems and e-Business Management. 14(2) 315-336 (SSCI) (NSC 102-2420-H-005-004-DR)

Lai*, J.-Y., Wang, J. (2015). Switching Attitudes of Taiwanese Middle-aged and Elderly Patients towards Cloud Healthcare Services: an Exploratory Study. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 92(March) 155-167. (SSCI) 國科會推薦國際期刊-科技管理領域 (戚樹誠,民99)

Wang*, J., Lai, J.-Y., and Hsiao, L.-C. (2014) Value network analysis for complex service systems: a case study on Taiwan’s mobile application services, Service Business, published online on April 14 2014. (SSCI)

Lai*, J.-Y. (2014). E-SERVCON and E-Commerce Success: Applying the DeLone & McLean Model. Journal of Organizational and End User Computing. 26(3) 1-22 (Oct.). (SSCI) 國科會推薦國際期刊-資訊管理領域 (梁定澎、王存國、邱志聖、黃宇翔、許鉅秉,民102)

Lai*, J.-Y., Ulhas, K. R., Lin, J.-D. (2014) Assessing and managing e-commerce service convenience, Information Systems Frontiers. 16(2) 273-289. (SCI) 國科會推薦國際期刊-資訊管理領域 (梁定澎、王存國、邱志聖、黃宇翔、許鉅秉,民102)

Lai*, J.-Y., Kan, C.-W., Ulhas, K. R. (2013). Impacts of employee participation and trust on e-business readiness, benefits, and satisfaction, Information Systems and e-Business Management. 11(2) pp. 265-285 (SSCI) (NSC 96-2416-H-005-008-MY3)

Lai*, J.-Y., Ulhas, K. R., Lin, C.-T., Ong, C.-S. (2013). Factors driving value creation in online B2B banking. Journal of Global Information Management, 21(2) pp. 51-71 (April-June) (SSCI) (NSC 101-2410-H-005-008-MY2) 國科會推薦國際期刊-資訊管理領域 (梁定澎、王存國、邱志聖、黃宇翔、許鉅秉,民102)

Lai*, J.-Y., Debbarma, S., Ulhas, K. R. (2012) An Empirical Study of Consumer Switching Behavior Towards Mobile Shopping: A Push-Pull-Mooring Model. International Journal of Mobile Communications, 10(4) pp. 386-404 (Aug.), (SSCI)

Lai*, J.-Y., Chang, C.-Y. (2011). User attitudes toward dedicated e-book readers for reading: the effect of convenience, compatibility, and media richness.Online Information Review, 35(4) pp. 558-580 (July 2011) (SSCI)

Lai*, J.-Y., Ong, C.-S. (2010) Assessing and Managing Employees for Embracing Change: a Multiple-Item Scale to Measure Employee Readiness for E-Business. Technovation, 30(1), pp. 76-85 (Jan.) (SSCI) 國科會推薦國際期刊-科技管理領域 (戚樹誠,民99)